Fastest 4G Phones for Sprint & T-Mobile Revealed

Cell phone testing company Metrico Wireless have just completed tests to find the fastest 4G phone – with surprising results. Based on top internet speeds and page loading time, the firm recommends the HTC EVO Shift for Sprint or the Samsung Galaxy S 4G for T-Mobile.

Metrico performed tests in New York, Baltimore / Washington, Dallas and Seattle using the EVO Shift, EVO 4G and Samsung Epic. While all have similar speed 4G modems inside, the EVO Shift has the slower processor. Despite that difference, the EVO Shift was found to be just under 10% faster when compared to the EVO 4G and Epic for file downloads.

It was a different story with loading web pages. Here the Samsung Epic beat the other two phones – probably due to the Epic’s faster 1GHz processor which is able to process the multiple requests needed to display even simple web pages faster than the other phones.

For T-Mobile 4G, Metrico found that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G was by far the fastest phone, no surprise since the Galaxy is equipped with the fastest 4G modem of any phone in the T-Mobile range. The Galaxy S 4G was the fastest phone in the test overall.

The HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon, wasn’t tested because it hadn’t been released at the time of the test – but most users report lighting fast speeds.

T-Mobile's Fastest Phone: the Samsung Galaxy S 4G

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