Samsung Exhibit II – Budget Friendly 4G Android Phone

T-Mobile have unwrapped their newest 4G smartphone today – the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, available as both a contract phone and prepaid. It’s a compact Android phone that runs along nice and zippy on a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

With the included Samsung Media Hub app you can rent / buy video content like movies and TV shows and download immediately to your phone. Given the Exhibit is a 4G phone there are no lengthy downloads – we’re talking a few seconds. You can also share your Media Hub content with up to five Media Hub-enabled devices on the same account.

You’ll also find the T-Mobile TV app that comes pre-loaded on the Exhibit II allows instant access to even more mobile HDTV content from sources like ABC News NOW, FOX Sports, PBS Kids, and Azteca America. These stations provide free show, you can also buy premium packages which include content with ESPN Mobile TV, Disney Channel, CNBC, En EspaƱol, Life & Style, and Crackle Movies.

Intended as the ideal device for someone moving up to their first smartphone, the Exhibit II has a compact 3.7-inch screen, both rear and front camera for chats. Perhaps best of all is the price – just $29.99 on contract after the $50 mail-in rebate on a two-year T-Mobile contract

If you prefer to go contract-less, there’s also prepaid version available. All in all the Samsung Exhibit II should be seriously considered if you looking to upgrade to a 4G phone without breaking the bank.

Samsung Exhibit II

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