Samsung Indulge, the Pre-Paid 4G Phone That Performs

The Samsung Indulge, one of the best prepaid Android 4G phones (along with the excellent Samsung Exhibit II), is now available on both MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless.

Like all phones on both those pre-paid phone carriers, the Indulge can be yours for around $300 without signing a contract. For that you get a pretty powerful phone – the standard 1 GHz processor found on most top Android phones these days, a good-sized 1500mAh battery, Android 2.2 paired with the Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 UI, 3 megapixel camera / camcorder, Wi-Fi, 3.5 inch touchscreen and full QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

Buying a good prepaid 4G phone is usually a difficult and expensive task but Samsung have made a good attempt with the Indulge. It may not have the battery life of other phones in the Galaxy range but other aspects of the phone make up for it – notably the good call quality, the 4G radio inside and a responsive slide-out QWERTY keyboard that feels good under the fingers and is fun and easy to use.

Samsung Indulge as a 4G Phone
Right now, of the two pre-paid carriers offering the Samsung Indulge only MetroPCS has an active 4G network. That said, Cricket Wireless has announced a deal with 4G wholesale provider LightSquared and is set to provide an impressive combination of 4G services and coverage before the end of the year.

For details on MetroPCS talk and data plans for this and other phones recommend taking a look at Best Buy – they generally have the best online deals for pre-paid phones.

To get the Samsung Indulge on Cricket Wireless check out their product page which also includes a downloadable user manual and details of the Cricket $55 unlimited talk, text and data plan which makes the Indulge a difficult proposition to resist.

Samsung Indulge, Pre-Paid Android 4G Phone

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