Verizon Network Extender

Verizon Network Extender Alternative from Wilson Electronics
Verizon Network Extender Alternative from Wilson Electronics

The Verizon Network Extender is designed to improve both voice quality and signal strength for cell phones. Unfortunately, the official Verizon Network Extender is expensive and doesn’t have great customer reviews – but the good news is you can greatly improve your Verizon network coverage for less.

Among the recommended alternatives is the Wilson Electronics 801247 Signal Booster – which has two big advantages over the official Verizon Network Extender.

First, it improves not just cell phone signal strength, call quality and volume but it also improves the speed and reliability of wireless broadband connections. Second, because it’s an unlocked router it will work with other phone networks, not just Verizon – saving the expense of buying another router if you switch carriers.

The USA-made Wilson booster is among the easiest signal boosters to setup and it’s possible to just plug it in and start enjoying better call quality and wireless broadband straight away. While just placing the antenna next to a window works great for many people if you’re in an area with a particularly low signal, mounting the outdoor antenna on the roof will give much better results. Included with the booster are all the necessary mounting brackets for fixing the antenna to a roof, pole or wall.

Once in place, you can expect up to 15 times the cell phone signal strength. Most users find they’re able to enjoy good wireless broadband connections in and around the house even if they live “in the sticks”.

One important thing to remember: because cell phone boosters work by amplifying the existing signal they won’t work in areas where there is no signal at all. But if you find the signal on the roof is much better than the signal on the ground then cell phone signal boosters / network extenders are a very worthwhile investment.

The Wilson Electronics 801247 Signal Booster comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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