Windows 4G Phones

Nokia Lumia 900 - 8MP camera & Carl Zeiss f2.2/28mm lens

Nokia Lumia 900 Effect? Sales of Windows Phones “Quadrupled”

Ever since the Windows Phone platform moved to version 8, bringing with it serious hardware upgrades like multi-core processors and HD displays, the idea of a…Read »


Nokia 4G Phone

UPDATE: Since this post was published the Nokia Lumia has launched. It looks like Nokia is getting ready to launch a new 4G phone in the…Read »

Samsung Focus - AT&T Windows Phone

3 New Windows 4G Phones from AT&T

AT&T is going for Windows 4G phones is a big way this Fall by introducing three new Windows 4G capable phones and upgrading its existing range…Read »

Windows 4G Phones Are Coming...

First Windows 4G Phones This Year

Microsoft has confirmed that the first Windows 4G phones will be available later this year. New Windows mobile devices are apparently in the pipeline from manufacturers…Read »

New Windows 4G Phone for AT&T

AT&T are about to release the HTC HD7S Windows 4G phone, which features the largest screen of any AT&T Windows phone. The HTC HD7S has a…Read »

Samsung Focus Owners Get Ready for Speed Upgrade

Owners of the Samung Focus – the popular Windows 7 smartphone AT&T- can look forward to a software update that should bring noticeable improvements to web…Read »

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